Welcome on the TechEvo/PKS website


Welcome on our website,

we are a team which is composed of 7 riders and we almost play on every mx sim server. Come to play with us on our server, You only need hamachi and my skype.


TechEvo/PKS Server:

So here it's our server where you'll be able to play with us if you contact us: liace.servegame.com 

The server containes many fun tracks for beginers and for more experiences people


Mx Simulator | TechEvo/PKS | How To Edit The Family


Mx Simulator Sure Shot - Josh BENNETT | TechEvo/PKS


Mx Simulator Trailer: Tech Life | Josh BENNETT


Josh BENNETT - Whipped Out | TechEvo/PKS

Josh did an awesome work today and he gave us a pretty cool edit congrats man.

Josh BENNETT | TechEvo/PKS | Bonneville pro

Last edit from Josh and it's a pleasure to look at this video so have fun all.


 MX Simulator | Having Fun ft Dylan LEGREVE | KB House

Here it is !! Short edit where you can see my Awesome big fatty friend Dylan Legrève #349. We were having a funny battle and I've decided to make an edit because I was pretty motivated. Hope you'll enjoy !


MXS Team Battle | TechEvo/PKS ft ENJOY HD | EXTRA GOPRO



MX Simulator | Tomii trailer

Presentation of the Team manager YouTube chanel's